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You're in that vicious circle of pain, afraid to exercise in case it's aggravated, knowing you need to.

But did you know scientific studies are showing that people with chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia, are benefitting from working out using Virtual Reality (VR)? Low intensity workouts to get you moving again.

VR helps the mind switch off the pain signals and because you are playing a game you don't realise your are exercising.

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Fit Mind

According to scientific studies using immersive VR experiences and mindfulness apps is proving to be more effective than traditional techniques.

Thanks to virtual reality (VR), it is possible to “visit” places around the world. Experts say these virtual excursions provide more than just entertainment; VR experiences, especially immersive ones, can help us feel calm and connected .

VR guided meditation research participants suggested that the use of VR helped them to focus on the present moment by using visual and auditory elements of VR as attentional anchors.

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Fitness sessions take place in a covered outdoor location and always on a 1-2-1 basis so we can maintain Social Distancing. 

Mindfulness sessions take place in your home whilst we source a suitable space. 

All our equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use. 


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